Avoiding By-catch

By-catch evasion is an issue that fisheries have been more keen to in recent years. The employment of by-catch reduction devices (BRDs), such as dyed bait and acoustic deterrents have proven effective in reducing the amount of discarded by-catch in a given fish harvest. Additionally, the search for a total exclusion device (TED) has been backed more and more by the government, fisheries, and the public in an attempt to avoid killing non-target species of a harvest. Other effective BRDs include modified nets and grids that are used to let fish that would normally be by-caught escape. In addition to these nets, grids made of bars and other filters have been proven, in most cases, to avoid 97% of normal by-catch.
The Loggerhead turtle, previosly a victim of by-catch, but now has been restored due to reforms in fishing techniques.

Not only are fisheries trying to avoid by-catch, but are also using the by-catch as bait for their next harvest, to put to use what was previously a burden.