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A clam
is part of the Mollusca phylum, and the Bivalvia class. Bivalvia clams have a two-halved shell. They live in all depths of the oceans. There are 15,000 living species of Bivalvia clams and about 1/3 of that lives in fresh water and 2/3 lives in salt water.

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Clams feed on plankton by filter feeding.

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"Other than humans, clams are eaten by many animals. Seagulls and other sea birds will pick up clams and drop them on rocks to open them. Raccoons will eat clams by either crunching them with their teeth or prying them open with their hands. Sea stars (or star fish) are able to completely cover and pry open clams underwater. They are also prey to small sharks and squids."

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These natural predators, on top of human crab fishing, causes the clam to be considered a very popular food item. Clam is a big hit in many seafood restaurants.

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