The cod is a very valuable fish. Cods have large heads, reddish brown sides and a whitish under side. These attributes make the cod a very recognizable fish. This helps fishermen because if their catch is easier to spot it will be easier to catch the fish. Cods also have a mouth that serves as a “vacuum cleaner” as it can easily scoop up food on the sea bed with its mouth. Cods also tend to eat mostly fish.

In the winter, cods are a good target for anglers because they are constantly eating other fish which may make them easier to spot. Between the months of January and April the cod move into deeper waters which at times can them a more difficult target. It can be difficult to catch the cod during these months especially on days when the water is choppy.

In certain areas such as, Stellwagen Bank in Massachusetts cod may be overfished. The average catch for the past 25 years for 6 people has been between 500 lbs. and 1,000 lbs. of Cod, Pollock, Haddock, Halibut, Wolffish and Monkfish. Our customers have caught over 80 pounds of Cod and in the long-run this can be dangerous. Many world records continue to be set at Stellwagen Bank and at this rate; the cod population and the populations of many other species of fish could be in danger.