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are invertebrates and can be found in all of the world’s oceans. There are also many,
like the robber crab, that live on land.

A Robber Crab
A Robber Crab

There are almost 5,000 different species of crabs. Out of that number, about 4,500 are true crabs and approximately 500 are hermit crabs (hermit crabs don't have a very hard shell and use other animals' old shells for protection).

A Hermit Crab
A Hermit Crab

They are very comparable to the lobster. The crab also makes up 20% of all marine crustaceans caught and farmed worldwide. Crab farming began in the seventies and has been done ever since.

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Crab fishing has been around for much longer. When farming crabs, there must be lots of soil and the farming area must be free of floods. Preferable depth for farming is one meter.

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Crab fisheries are generally made up of 4 types of crabs: the edible crab, king crab, sea spider, and squat lobsters.

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Many crabs are omnivores, though others are carnivores. There are even some known herbivores.

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