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Crustaceans are a group of arthropods. There are over 52,000 known species (scientists believe there are more that exist that haven't been discovered). Crustaceans have a stiff exoskeleton that the animals shed (to grow). Crustaceans have an extended circulatory system where blood is pumped through the heart. This system is similar to that of a human. The crustacean brain is located near the antennae in the form of a ganglia. Kidney-like structures are usually found near the antennae of the crustacean. Despite the variety of different appearances of crustaceans, they are similar in the cense that they they all grow in the form of a special larvae called the nauplius. Crustaceans are commonly fish and farmed. They are major seafoods and are a source of protein for one out of six people. Crustaceans that are mainly fished are shrimp, lobster, crab, and prawn.

The Different Types of Crustaceans include Shrimp, Prawn, Lobster, and Crab.

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