Dyed Bait

Definition of Dyed Bait - Fishing bait dyed blue to reduce
Squid being used as blue dyed bait
Squid being used as blue dyed bait
its visibility to non-target species such as seabirds hovering around longlines as baited hooks are deployed. In other words, dyed bait is used so that species that are not trying to be caught (known as non-target species) will have a harder time finding the bait. Dyed bait as well as acoustic deterrents are by-catch reduction devices (BRDs). Dyed bait is a very useful tool when fishing, because it gives fishermen a better chance of catching more of the species that they want to catch (known as target species).

Dyed bait is usually used to avoid catching seabirds (a common victim of by-catch). While dyed bait is effective in reducing by-catch in laboratory settings with captive turtles, it has not been proven to have potential as an effective mitigation measure to reduce sea turtle by-catch in longline fisheries.

For more information on dyed bait, visit http://www.bycatch.org/glossary/view_term.php?vocab=technique&id=12 or http://www.doc.govt.nz/upload/documents/conservation/marine-and-coastal/fishing/effect-of-blue-dyed-bait1.pdf