Echinoderms are invertebrates and are also multi-celled. They are charecterized by havng several arms (5 or more) and do not have a heart, a brain, or eyes. Located at their extremeties Echinoderms have tubed feet, which is a tentical-like structure. Echinoderms can usually be found either in the intertidal zone or at the bottom of the deep sea in trenches. They also may be in sand, rubble, coral reefs, or in cold or tropical seas. Echinoderms are either carnivores, detritus foragers, or planktonic feeders. They also have the unique ability of regenerating missing limbs such as, arms or spines. Echinoderms use their spines and spiny skins as protection from others. Also, certain echinoderms are nocturnal and only appear at night. These invertebrates are very unique animals with many unique characteristics such as, the ones noted above.

Although Echinoderms may not be very important globally, locally they are very important in a few ways. One reason they are very important locally is because they are easy to fish and don’t require much technology increasing the number of fishermen fishing for Echinoderms.


The Sea Urchin is an example of an echinoderm.