Background Information
This type of trawler has it trawl over the back of the boat. Like a freezer trawler, it is also built to operate in almost any weather condition. It can store the catch in either chilled water or blocks of ice. It also has a factory (hence the name) for processing the fish for fish oil or fish meal. Some might also have canning plants.

This boat casts the net out behind it as it goes. The net is allowed to stay in the water for a while to ensure an optimal catch. The net is then reeled in and the catch is stored. This method of catching is shared by all trawlers. With a factory trawler, some of the catch is then taken to the factory below deck to be processed and, in some trawlers, canned.

Environmental Effects
All trawlers have a possibility of by-catch. In areas where fisheries overlap, massive amounts of undesirable species can be caught. The net can also damage the sea floor. Plus, with the factory, The wastes from it are dumped into the ocean. This can poison the remaining fish.external image 180px-Togari.jpg